Scheduling is our thing

The idea for Timezynk was born as early as 2006 when a time report was submitted on a piece of torn plasterboard, as the weekly report on paper had rained off. It was obvious that there was a need for efficient mobile tools to manage staff and time.

In 2010, Timezynk started, with a vision to radically simplify time reporting and scheduling for our customers. In a personal and committed way, we develop and sell a cloud solution for personnel and resource planning for operations with a shift-based and mobile workforce.

We are located in Malmö and consist of a fantastic team of talented developers, support technicians and customer ambassadors. Through our committed and knowledgeable staff, we deliver quality and security to our customers so that they have a simpler everyday life, satisfied employees and can save both time and money.


Timezynk is owned and operated by dedicated business angels from large companies in Swedish business: Jan Andersson (ReadSoft), Lars Josefsson (Vestas), Hans Stråberg (Investor), Hampus Jakobsson, Carina Malmgren Heander (SAS), Tom Erixon (Alfa Laval), Urban Jansson (SEB), and others.

Zynk with us!

We are constantly growing to continue to develop and offer even better service and services. Read more about our vacancies here!

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