Suitable in most industries

Timezynk is used in many different industries, such as staffing, events, cleaning, service, hotels, restaurants, HVB homes, and more.

“Best service since the parking app :)”

Douglas Åkholm, Alpklyftan

“The big profit with Timezynk so far is on salaries and invoicing, where we saved about one day per activity.”

Joacim Claesson, Operationskonsulterna

“With Timezynk, we have reduced the time it takes to staff a work shift from one hour to less than a minute.”

Maria Ericson Andersson, Omsorgsbolagen Jordnära

“We need to keep track of a lot of people on a lot of different jobs on different time schedules. This program does it all. And the app makes it easy for our employees to get all info and say yes and no to jobs suggested to them. And because we don’t have to phone them, but can reach them with a simple “pling” or chat, one person can do 3 persons’ job.”

Martin Schultz, Mano Event

“Timezynk is adapted to our process, which means that we save time when scheduling and payroll administration. The support is focused, fast and solves our problems.”

Leo Levit, Partyland

“We have saved many days and have fewer people working with administration. When the custom integrations are done, we will be saving at least 40 hours per month that we can spend on quality, customer service or invoiceable time.”

Johan Englund, Nuvia Nordic AB

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