Developing as a job, a person, and a company

Development is one of Deyaa Orfali’s core interests. Not just relating to his profession, but also when it comes to seeing the development of himself, of Timezynk, and of the people and companies using the platform.

Deyaa started as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Timezynk two years ago, and only a year later he became Product Manager. His role today has broadened even more and includes different tasks, but for the most part, he’s managing and developing Timezynk’s platform and cloud infrastructure.

– My main goal in my current role is to make sure that we follow our values, and that our products are meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. Seeing them thrive from the flexibility that we create is what drives me the most.

Working as a developer can often mean many hours in front of a screen. But when Deyaa isn’t working, he’s everywhere but at his computer:

– When I’m not working, the last place I want to be is in front of a computer. I love reading, walking, being in nature, traveling and exploring new places, so I try to do that in my spare time. But I really like what I do at work as well, so a combination of the two is the best, he says.

“I get to do more of what I love”

Deyaa heard about Timezynk through an internship program two years ago. The program matches companies with people, and when Deyaa signed up, he got matched with Timezynk, but also with many other companies.

– What interested me about Timezynk was their focus on development. Not just for the company, but also for me as an employee. As it’s a quite small company striving to go international, to me that means I get to do more of what I love, gain more experience, and more skills, he says and continues:

– It’s fun to be a part of designing a dynamic structure where our customers can shape the scheduling system as they want it to be, fulfilling everyone’s needs. As we strive to be the best and do everything for our customers, it can result in a lot of work. But it helps that we prioritize our task flow so it’s beneficial for both our customers and for us employees.

Challenges in the future
When a company aims for development, it often means new tasks, new challenges, and new situations. Something that can seem quite intimidating for many, but is something that Deyaa strives for in his role:

– In the future, I look forward to seeing Timezynk adapt to different cultures. Scheduling in Sweden and Northern Europe is very different from, let’s say, the Middle-East or Syria where I’m originally from. As a developer, it’s going to be exciting to think about all the details, for example different alphabets or how weeks are made up. That’s what keeps me going, learning new things and getting challenged in my daily work. It can be difficult for the moment, but it always pays off in the end. 

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