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Scheduling made easy

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Timezynk for the manager

Smart scheduling

With Timezynk you handle schedules with ease. Check the number of shifts left to schedule at a glance and control which employees that are qualified for which assignments.


All reported time can easily be reviewed and approved. Send reminders to your employees about late or incorrect reports.

Time management

See time reports in real time. Schedules and assignments are always accessible both on the web and in the mobile phone.


A reliable internal social network for your company. Communicate efficiently with your colleagues and share news in real time.

Booking request

Unsure who to schedule? Send a query to all qualified personel and let them apply for the shift in their mobile phones.

Works everywhere

Availability is important. Timezynk works on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and tablets so you can take it with you anywhere.

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Contact us at info@timezynk.com or +46 40-475 473.

Timezynk for the user

Time reporting made easy

It has never been easier to report your time - anywhere and any time - with your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Your schedule on the go

Stop copying your work schedule by hand. Your schedule is now always available in your mobile phone and on the web.

Booking request

Timezynk notifies you of available shifts both in your mobile phone and on the web. You can request the shift with just a simple click.


Timezynk uses data traffic instead of SMS, so you don't have to pay for calls and SMS messages.


Welcome to the social network workplace. Get in touch with your colleagues in the right context.

Works everywhere

Availability is important. Timezynk works on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac and tablets so you can take it with you anywhere.

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Monthly fee

59 €

Max fee per scheduled user per month

8.00 €

No binding period
Full flexibility

Free 14-day trial

12 months

Monthly fee

53 €

Max fee per scheduled user per month

7.20 €

12 months binding period
Save 10%

Free 14-day trial

24 months

Monthly fee

47 €

Max fee per scheduled user per month

6.40 €

24 months binding period
Save 20%

Free 14-day trial

Only pay for active users

You only pay for the users who are actually scheduled and who report their time! Administrators and inactive personell that is part of your worker pool are all completely free.

Pay less for part-time workers

Our price model is based on a daily fee of 1.20 € per user with a maximum of 8 € per user per month. That way you pay less for employees that don't work full time.

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Timezynk is used by companies in many different trades, for example Healthcare, Restaurants, Security, Cleaning, Service and Events.

Röda Korset använder Timezynk för sin schemaläggning.

Timezynk supports Red Cross

We are proud to be an official sponsor of Red Cross Sweden and provide our scheduling software for their organization. Please support Red Cross at www.redcross.se.

About Timezynk

Timezynk started in 2010 with a vision about radically simplifying scheduling, planning and time reporting for businesses. We are based in Malmö, Sweden and have a fantastic team of skilled developers, support technicians and service oriented sales people.

The company is owned and operated by dedicated angel investors from influential Swedish companies: Jan Andersson (ReadSoft), Lars Josefsson (Vestas), Hans Stråberg (Investor), Hampus Jakobsson, Carina Malmgren Heander (Electrolux), Tom Erixon (Alfa Laval), Urban Jansson (SEB), and others.

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+46 40 475 473