With our integrations you can reduce your lead times, improve the cash flow in your organization and save a lot of time on administrations. All integrations are included in the standard price and can be enabled by a quick call or chat to our customer support!

“Do you lack scheduling and personnel planning in your existing business system? Timezynk is integrated with the most common financial systems and exports the schedule to several standard formats and gives all our customers free access to our open API.”

Build anything you can imagine and connect and automate Timezynk together with your existing or future systems using our Open API.

Check out our developer documentation to get started!

Visma Administration is one of the most widely used invoicing systems in Scandinavia. Our integration synchronizes invoices from timezynk to Visma Adminstration for quick and easy invoicing.

Fortnox is a complete invoicing and payroll systems for small- and medium organizations and with this integration you can easily synchronize both customer registry, invoices and payroll between timezynk and your Fortnox account.

BL Lön is a lightweight option that gives small and medium companies a full payroll system. We support BL Lön as an export format making it easy to transfer your payroll information and streamline the whole salary process.

Export complete payroll information from Timezynk and easily import it into Hogia Lön to save tons of time in administration and ensure correct salaries every time. Hogia has a lot of well-hidden settings on how to format the payslip and make it longer or more compact, so be sure to check out these features as well.

Briljant is also supported as a payroll export format. Get payroll information processed according to collective agreements in timezynk and then just import the finished result into Briljant for quick and easy salary management.

This integration enables you to export invoices from timezynk in a format that can be used straight away in UBW, making the invoicing faster and easier.

Flex is a payroll system with extra focus on user-friendliness. It will become even easier to use together with timezynk, since all the payroll information can then be computed and transferred with a few clicks.

Raindance is a modern and highly modular ERP system for larger organizations. We support both major Raindance versions for invoice export making it easy to send all your invoices from timezynk into Raindance for immediate book-keeping and distribution to your customers.

If you are using AgDA Lön to do your payroll this integration is perfect for you! All the payroll information is automatically calculated in timezynk, including processing the time reports according to your collective agreements, and then exported for easy importing into AgDA.

Connect your Timezynk invoicing directly to e-Conomic! With this integration you can automate your invoice flow and transfer your invoices directly to e-Conomic to be sent to your customers.

PAXml is a standardized format for exporting payroll information. Timezynk supports both version 1.0 and 2.0 of PAXml which gives us support for several different payroll systems such as Fortnox and Krona Lön.

SoftOne Carat is a modular payroll and ERP system targeted to organizations that require a lot of flexibility. This makes it perfect for use together with timezynk and with our integration you can easily transfer the finished payroll information into SoftOne Carat for processing.

Workforce management made easy

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Say goodbye to manual work

Tools and systems that integrate and work together make your business easier. If you already have a system that you want to update or expand, we at Timezynk can arrange it. With today’s smart AI solutions, the system becomes more accessible and data can be transferred in real time.

APIs and open systems that can easily share their data are crucial for today’s businesses. Today, there are countless opportunities to take advantage of digitization. Together, the systems work better.

Secure integrations from Timezynk

When you integrate systems and cloud services with each other, information is updated systematically and automatically and you collect data to lay the foundation for salary data, working hours for employees and financial systems. For everything to work smoothly and quickly, secure solutions and integrations that can be trusted are needed.

Timezynk builds integration that is tailored to your business. This in turn provides a better staffing and spotless surfaces. We make sure you use the technology in the best way and win in efficiency.

Fast installations and user-friendly systems

Integrating systems into each other may sound cumbersome to use, but it is just the opposite. The administration is reduced, questions can be answered directly in your mobile and the salary basis is ready immediately. Everyone gets a proper overview and no one needs to worry about outdated data.

We build your system and make secure and user-friendly integrations that everyone in the company understands and benefits from. Together, you then build the business with the best scheduling, time reporting and salary documentation. Maintenance is minimal and if needed, we will of course help when you have problems. Our integration team is always by your side and answers all questions.

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