Invoice documentation directly to your invoicing program

With automatic invoice documentation stored in the cloud, you never miss anything important as you see the status of all invoices in the system. Everything is stored in one safe place and can be integrated with your financial system.


Automatic documentation simplified administration

Enter your customer agreements and Timezynk automatically creates correct invoice documents based on approved time reports.

Timezynk collaborates with
your financial system

Avoid manual work and save both time and money on simplified invoicing and payroll management.

Free login
to your finance office

Add your finance agency as a Timezynk user and let them download all the information they need in a safe and easy way. User accounts for administrators are free!

Simplified scheduling for more
than 20,000 users worldwide

Workforce management made easy

Get started now! Try out the complete system for 14 days – for free!

 14-day free trial period
 We help you customise the system to fit your organization
 Training included
 No commitment after the test period…
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Timezynk is integrated with Visma Administration, Visma Salary, Fortnox, Crona Salary and Hogia Salary. Avoid manual extra work and save money on simplified invoicing.

Satisfied employees and customers

Generate invoices with expenses, materials and time worked and create the best invoice basis. Small businesses need a flexible and simple invoicing program that is both easy to work with and web-based. Use our automatic invoice documentation to easily keep track of who should pay what. By creating precise invoice data quickly and efficiently, all parties involved are satisfied. You keep track of your customers and the person who manages the finances gets a simpler job.

Invoicing basis for better liquidity

A company survives on its customers and with that said, it is extremely important that the invoices come in and that the invoicing basis is correct. With invoice agreements adapted for your business and your customers, correct invoice documents that then form the basis for accounting and accounting are only a few keystrokes away.

Enter your various invoice agreements and connect to each customer. When time reports are received, the system automatically links them to the correct invoice basis. In this way, the risk of something being forgotten is reduced. It provides better liquidity and a better overview of the business.

Create invoices, quotes, delivery notes, etc.

With a free template for invoice documentation, you can easily create invoices, quotes and delivery notes. Timezynk’s automatic invoicing documentation ensures documentation for times, materials and expenses that apply to each customer. Everything to facilitate your invoicing. The documentation can then be sent directly to your financial system / invoicing program. You then save copies on all documents.

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