Enter all your salary agreements and Timezynk automatically creates correct salary documents based on the employees’ certified time reports. Timezynk supports several standard formats and is integrated with, among others, Visma Administration, Visma Salary, Fortnox, Crona Salary, Hogia Salary and Proløn.


Flexible with several salary types

Salary can be calculated according to more values ​​than hours worked. This makes it easy for you to create your own payroll items.

Travel and allowances

Have staff indicate mileage and hourly records on the time report. The system matches the time reports against current agreements and creates a basis for the salary and invoice system.

Free login
to your finance office

Add your finance agency as a Timezynk user and let them download all the information they need in a safe and easy way. User accounts for administrators are free!

Simplified scheduling for more
than 20,000 users worldwide

Workforce management made easy

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Support for collective agreements filters the time reports so that you and your employees do not have to keep track of overtime, flexitime etc.


The right information makes your payroll management easier. Together, we bring about rapid change by sending it directly into the salary program with the right tools and data and producing the right salary for all employees.

Wage agreements and time reporting form the basis for the wage base. All time and salary data is entered smoothly and automatically into the salary basis so that the administration takes less time. We tailor the program to suit your business.

What is the salary basis?

Salary data is very important to facilitate payroll management and calculate each employee’s salary. The basis is the sum of the cash compensation to the employees. To do this correctly, you need a salary agreement and the right information from absence reports, time reporting and more.

All information that is entered forms the basis for the salary basis. Calculate salary data smoothly with our system so that all data can be directly transferred and imported into the salary system. Do you have a small business that benefits from the payroll rule? Calculate the salary basis correctly and you will receive lower taxation.

Avoid hassle and mistakes

With automatic salary documentation and the right function as well as integration of time reports, absence and scheduling, your business gets perfect salary files that you can process in all salary systems. Because you can all stamp in and out in real time, approve absence reports and submit work shifts anywhere and anytime, you make it easier for each other. Certified reports form the basis for salaries.

We also adapt the entire system to the business, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Everything is cloud-based and can be used on a computer, via web app or mobile app. The digital system means that the risk of errors is significantly reduced. You also get a good overview of the system every day. NOTE! Remember that salary documents must be saved for at least 7 years.

Discover other features

Time reporting

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