The ultimate Cyber Monday offer!

Recommend Timezynk to a friend and get a 1,000 SEK discount each!


What does the offer entail?


When a friend, you have recommended Timezynk to, subscribes to one of our paid plans, both of you will receive a 1,000 SEK discount, distributed evenly over three months.

How do I participate?


Start by clicking on the button Generate discount code at the top of this page. You will be directly redirected to your account in Timezynk, page Subscription. If it is your first time creating a discount code, click on Create discount code first and then click on Share link to be able to copy the link including the discount code, which you can later share with your friend. If you have already created a discount code, just click on Share link, copy the link and send it to your friend.

How does my friend use the discount code?


Copy and paste the link into the address field in your browser. Then create a test account by filling in all the required information and clicking the button Start scheduling.

When does the offer expire?


The link and the discount connected to the offer does not have an expiry date, meaning that your friend can subscribe at anytime.

Who is eligible for the discount?


All companies that already have or subscribe to either Premium or Enterprise subscription are eligible.

Can I get the discount more than once?


Yes. As long as your recommendation results in a paying customer, you can receive a 1,000 SEK discount multiple times.

Can I use the same link if I am recommending Timezynk to more than one friend?


Yes, you can.