Our History

The idea behind Timezynk was conceived in 2006, when a time report was submitted on a piece of torn plasterboard, as the paper-based weekly hours report had been lost. It was clear that there was a need for an efficient web and mobile tool to manage staff.

In 2010, Timezynk started — with a vision to radically improve and simplify time reporting and scheduling for our customers. And today, we develop and sell a cloud-based solution for staff and resource planning, for operations with a shift-based and mobile workforce. Our system’s flexibility, and our dedicated staff allow us to deliver In a personal and committed way.

We are a full-remote company consisting of a fantastic team of talented developers, support technicians and customer ambassadors. Through our committed and knowledgeable staff, we deliver quality and security to our customers, so that they enjoy a simpler everyday life, with higher employee satisfaction — and save both time and money. It’s a win-win!

Meet our team

The Team

Deyaa Orfali
Product Owner

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Avatar Phelipe
Phelipe Monforte
UX Designer

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Justina Svedin
Vice CEO

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Avatar Bohdan
Bohdan Volotovskyi
Front End Developer

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Ken Engström

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Lars Melander
Back End Developer

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Nicole Capelao Jensen

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Customer support

Our achievements

We are a great place to work

Great Place to Work® certification is the only certification of good workplaces in Sweden. The certification is based on the Great Place to Work© Institute's global standard for what characterizes a good workplace and is proof that the employees experience a very high degree of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie within the organization. Timezynk AB lives up to the high requirements for what distinguishes a good workplace and, after a thorough evaluation, has been awarded the Great Place to Work certification. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the certification obtained.Great Place to Work is a research and consulting company with headquarters in the United States and subsidiaries worldwide. Every year, Great Place to Work® conducts employee surveys of 19.8 million employees from over 10,000 organizations in 106 countries.

More about Great Place To Work

Our Values


Achieving positive outcomes allows us to continue embodying our culture and values as well as fulfilling the commitments we’ve made to our colleagues, customers, partners, and investors.

Our product's purpose is to enhance customer results, prioritizing their needs over our plans, avoiding excessive focus on large customers, addressing underlying issues, validating solutions with diverse customers, and proactively resolving problems, even if not our fault.

We value our teammates' accomplishments—whether it’s aiding a colleague or making a customer happy.


Helping others is a priority, even when it is not immediately related to the goals that you are trying to achieve. Similarly, you can rely on others for help and advice—in fact, you’re expected to do so.

Anyone can chime in on any subject, including people who don’t work at Timezynk. This also means that we collaborate with our customers to make the system work in the best possible way for them and help them solve issues even if the problem lies outside of Timezynk. We also invite our customers to collaborate with us on our product vision, product planning and user experience.


Openness entails a commitment to transparency and honesty when sharing information. This approach facilitates collaboration, fosters awareness of our goals and values, and extends to being forthright with our customers about both the solutions and limitations within our capacity.

Communicate openly with both colleagues and customers about your capabilities, intentions, and limitations. Be transparent about what is possible, feasible, or reasonable, and be honest about the problems you or the product can effectively address. Acknowledge instances where we may not meet their goals and suggest alternatives, such as modifying internal processes or introducing another system when appropriate.


Integrity means that we will stand up for our values and our vision. That we will conduct ourselves and our business in a way we can be proud of. That we will do what we believe is right, valuing principles over shortcuts or immediate financial gains.

Act ethically and do what is right, even without explicit requests. Provide employees with comprehensive information about their rights and benefits. Collaborate with local authorities and unions to uphold and strengthen these rights. Offer customers the best options aligned with their needs and budget. Embrace kindness and extend a warm welcome to team members or customers who may choose to leave for any reason.

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