Digital time reporting

Time reporting can not be more smooth! Your team reports in the mobile app or on the web, all data is collected in the system and then automatically converted to payroll and invoicing documents.

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Employees can report time from anywhere, directly on their mobile phone. Reporting is done quickly and easily against existing shifts as independent repost or with the punch clock.

Smooth time reporting is done on the same day, which ensures that details are correct and documents are accurate.
Customize the reporting according to your business by adding expenses, allowances, mileage allowance and more. Reports can also be linked to cost centers, projects and orders.

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What is time reporting?


The time sheet is the document the employee creates, which then forms the basis for salary and invoice documents. Timezynk makes it possible to collect time reports in a structured and secure manner, both independently or linked to a booked pass.

How do you report time?


After the work shift is completed, attendance, absence, time worked and any deviations are reported.

Why do time reports?


The time report is the basis for the salary to be paid to the employee, as well as for invoicing.

Should one start from a template for time reporting?


By creating a template for your most common time reports, you can report time even more smoothly and avoid errors and mistakes.

What does digital time reporting mean?


Digital time reporting means that you submit the report via mobile phone or computer instead of filling in a piece of paper. The digital report is saved in the system and only needs to be written once by the user and certified by the manager. The digital report can then continue through salary and invoice agreements where salary and invoice basis is calculated based on what has been reported.

Is there an app for time reporting?


With our smart app for time reporting, you enter the time directly in your mobile and always have access to the information. Best way to keep track of attendance, sick leave and the costs it entails.

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