Integrate Timezynk with your existing software ecosystem 

With our integrations you can reduce your lead times, improve the cash flow in your organization and save a lot of time on administrations. All integrations are included in the standard price and can be enabled by a quick call or chat to our customer support!

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Economic systems

Fortnox is a complete invoicing and payroll systems for small- and medium organizations and with this integration you can easily synchronize both customer registry, invoices and payroll between timezynk and your Fortnox account.

Briljant is also supported as a payroll export format. Get payroll information processed according to collective agreements in timezynk and then just import the finished result into Briljant for quick and easy salary management.

BL Lön is a lightweight option that gives small and medium companies a full payroll system. We support BL Lön as an export format making it easy to transfer your payroll information and streamline the whole salary process.

Export complete payroll information from Timezynk and easily import it into Hogia Lön to save tons of time in administration and ensure correct salaries every time. Hogia has a lot of well-hidden settings on how to format the payslip and make it longer or more compact, so be sure to check out these features as well.

Flex is a payroll system with extra focus on user-friendliness. It will become even easier to use together with timezynk, since all the payroll information can then be computed and transferred with a few clicks.


If you are using AgDA Lön to do your payroll this integration is perfect for you! All the payroll information is automatically calculated in timezynk, including processing the time reports according to your collective agreements, and then exported for easy importing into AgDA.

Connect your Timezynk invoicing directly to e-Conomic! With this integration you can automate your invoice flow and transfer your invoices directly to e-Conomic to be sent to your customers.

Export systems

PAXml is a standardized format for exporting payroll information. Timezynk supports both version 1.0 and 2.0 of PAXml which gives us support for several different payroll systems such as Fortnox and Krona Lön.

This integration enables you to export invoices from timezynk in a format that can be used straight away in UBW, making the invoicing faster and easier.

Open API

Build anything you can imagine and connect and automate Timezynk together with your existing or future systems using our Open API.Check out our developer documentation to get started!

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