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Stop wasting hours on scheduling your personnel! With Timezynk Workforce Software you can give your time to your team members and customers instead. Our scheduling is cloud based and easy to work with wherever you are.

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All information is securely stored in the cloud and available to you no matter where you are. See how shifts are created, staffed and moved in the schedule by your colleagues.

Streamline your scheduling by creating shift schedule templates and rolling them out over as many weeks or months as needed.
With Timezynk, you get a good overview of employee schedules and availability and can easily match it with shift occupancy and business needs.

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Read our guide on how to streamline scheduling!


6 tips to streamline your scheduling

In this guide we will give you useful and concrete tips on how to simplify and streamline your scheduling and workforce management. Not only you will optimize your scheduling, but also contribute to a better working environment thus reducing employee churn.

Anticipate future workforce demand

A schedule outlining future workforce demand serves as a comprehensive blueprint detailing staffing needs across various timeframes, excluding specific employee assignments. This strategic approach puts emphasis on both staffing needs and skills distribution and is particularly valuable for long-term forecasting and budgeting. By analyzing past data and anticipating future trends, businesses can accurately project staffing needs, adjusting for seasonal variations or company growth. Whether utilizing specialized scheduling systems or creating Excel spreadsheets, the requirements schedule offers a clear roadmap for anticipating workforce demand, enabling proactive decision-making regarding recruitment, skill development, and operational efficiency. Through ongoing refinement and adjustment based on real-world outcomes, the requirements schedule becomes an invaluable tool for optimizing workforce management and ensuring organizational readiness for future challenges.


Collaborate with your employees

Scheduling employees effectively is a challenging task that demands balancing business needs with employee availability as well as their wishes and preferences. Through two tools, exemplified by Malmö City's nurse staffing unit, remarkable results have been achieved, including low turnover rates, high employee contentment, and over 98% order fulfillment. The implementation of availability reports empowers employees to communicate their preferred working hours, enhancing their sense of control and aiding schedulers in making informed decisions. Open shifts and interest requests complement availability repots, enabling staff to express interest in available shifts, which in turn facilitates seamless schedule adjustments in case of unforeseen events or additional staffing needs.


03 Get organized

To efficiently assign shifts, it's advantageous to categorize employees based on specific criteria such as location, education, past experience, skills, and personality traits. For instance, at Bemannica, a growing staffing company in Sweden, employees are organized based on their location and skill set. This approach enables Bemannica to promptly compile a list of suitable candidates whenever a new order is received, ensuring timely communication with clients. While Bemannica utilizes Timezynk for this purpose, manual methods remain effective. It's crucial to proactively create lists encompassing relevant combinations of criteria pertinent to your business, ensuring smooth and effective operations.


Communicate clearly & frequently

We've all experienced the frustration of meticulously planning, only to face miscommunication issues when the agreed-upon time arrives. To ensure clarity within your team, establish consistent communication practices, such as holding meetings to outline scheduling procedures and providing written guidelines. Once implemented, adhere to these routines rigorously, holding both yourself and your employees accountable. Over time, these practices will become second nature, ensuring smooth operations and timely access to necessary information for payroll and invoicing. Streamline your processes further by utilizing standardized reporting formats and designated submission deadlines. By fostering a culture of clear communication and accountability, you'll minimize scheduling mishaps and ensure your team operates efficiently.

Facilitate administration around salary and invoice management

The most important thing to facilitate the handling of the documents for your salary and invoice systems is to have well-developed routines. You can use paper templates, Excel templates or a scheduling system like Timezynk. The important thing is that you have a fixed format for the time reporting and fixed days when the reports must be submitted. Then it will be easy to see who needs an extra reminder. The time report should contain the employee's name, possibly which client the employee worked for (if you invoice your time), start and end times for the work shifts, absences and OB and overtime. The employee accounts and totals, so you only need to certify the time sheet when it comes in.

Make sure to bring in the time reports every week. This makes it easier for the employees to report when they have the work passes fresh in their memory. It also means that you can be at most a week late with documentation and invoicing. Once you have received all the documents, you summarize the information and register it in your salary and invoice system. With Timezynk, the documents are transferred automatically.


Collect everything in one place

Scheduling affects and spans large parts of your business. It controls how your staff work, is affected by your order entry, is the basis for salary and possibly also invoicing. It is an important tool in budget work and for planning personnel needs, organization and skills development. To make it quick and easy for you to take advantage of this, our tip is to collect everything in one place. Whether you have it in a central scheduling system, a folder on your computer, or maybe a shelf of binders and a whiteboard you need to be able to quickly find the right information depending on the task you have to perform. Organize the scheduling according to the different parts you are working on. For example, put the needs schedule next to the wishes schedule and the order intake so that you have all the background material collected when you have to add next month's staff schedule. Collect timesheets together with the staff schedule so you can compare and see any discrepancies. Have your skill-based staff lists together so that in the event of illness or other schedule changes, you can quickly find the right replacement. Have ready-made templates available for the weekly schedule, wish schedule and change SMS so that it is easy and smooth for you to keep your communication routines.



What is good to think about when scheduling?


Timezynk makes it easy to see the staff's availability and make requests for passes to be booked, this makes the staff directly involved in the planning work, which gives the staff an opportunity to influence their schedule.

What about scheduling?


Timezynk automatically creates passes as unpublished they are then striped which means that only supervisors and managers can see them. This makes it possible to create reusables templates, and then be able to choose when you want to publish the schedule.

What rules are there when scheduling?


Timezynk warns users about overlapping and adjacent shifts and also shows a comparison figure for users with a registered work schedule how much time they have booked compared to the agreement.

Is there an app for scheduling?


Timezynk is available on the web and as an app in both Google Play and the App Store.

How to schedule online?


Timezynk has several different pages where you can create passes, the most central is the schedule where you click in a box to create a pass on that row/column. Then fill in the information on the pass and if any information on the pass that the staff needs is missing, Timezynk Support will help you add the fields needed to ensure that the correct information is available to the booked user. What does optimal scheduling look like?

What does optimal scheduling look like?


As a business owner, it is important to plan the permanent staff first, and then put out short passes for part-time/staffing. In this way, you make full use of the resources you have. Feel free to listen to users' opinions by letting them fill in their availability.

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