Enter all your salary agreements and Timezynk automatically creates correct salary documents based on the employees’ certified time reports. Timezynk supports several standard formats and is integrated with, among others, Visma Administration, Visma Salary, Fortnox, Crona Salary, Hogia Salary and Proløn.

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Approve time reports with a single push of a button. Timezynk automatically creates correct payroll documents based on the employees' approved time reports.

Add your collective agreements and the reports are automatically matched with rules for OB, overtime and mileage compensation. You and your employees never have to count these manually again.
Timezynk is integrated with all common financial systems and has several payroll export formats. Payroll management has never been smoother.

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What does salary basis mean?


Payroll is very important to facilitate payroll processing and calculate each employee's salary. The basis is the sum of the cash compensation to the employees. To do it correctly, you need a salary agreement and the right information from absence reports, time sheets and more. All information entered forms the basis of the salary basis. Calculate payroll easily with our system so that all data can be directly transferred and imported into the payroll system.

How long must salary documents be archived


All accounting information must be saved for 7 years after the calendar year has ended. With invoice documents managed in the cloud, you don't miss anything important and can also see the status of the invoice in the program. Everything is gathered in one place and can be integrated with your financial system.

How is salary basis calculated?


Wage agreements and time reporting form the basis of the salary basis. With a digital time reporting system, all time and salary data is easily and automatically entered into the payroll so that administration takes less time.

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