How do I add a salary agreement?

Created on:
October 4, 2022

Salary agreements and rules

The salary rules are the base for the export to your salary system. They handle how the time reports are matched to the salary articles. The rules can be connected to dates, days or time intervals. A rule without a time period will be eligible for all time reports.

Start by clicking on the gear icon > Salary agreement under Salary and create a salary agreement by pressing the button +Add. Name the agreement, set what registers it concerns and press Save.



You can also import an existing agreement. We recommend that you contact Timezynk support if you wish to do so. It is highly likely that we have the latest strandard collective salary agreement.

Rule groups

The rules in an agreement always have to belong to a rule group. Rule groups interpret the time report and assign it to the salary articles. It is common to have several rule groups in the same salary agreement to divide the worked hours into both standard work hours and extra time. Create a rule group called "Standard time" and one called "Overtime"

Click on your new salary agreement to and start by klicking on +Create under +Create a new rule group.


To add salary articles you press on the button "+Add" in the bottom right. In the drop down menu within "Article" you will find the salary articles you have added to Timezynk. Choose the article corresponding to standard time and press "Save". Other settings that you can apply are:

  • Time selection: counts working hours, breaks or both.
  • Prio: The higher a priority the lower the number.

With Add filter you can limit the article even further:

  • Dates: choose which dates the rule applies to
  • From field: choose if the article is specific to e.g. one user
  • Forbidden tags: tags that aren't eligible for the article
  • Holidays: decide if the article is applicable to holidays
  • Required tags: tags required for the article
  • Register: decide whether the rule should apply to or exlude something from registers, e.g. a client or a work place
  • Time interval: choose a start and end time for the rule
  • Week days: choose what week days the rule applies to

A rule without a time period will be applicable for all time reports

Rule set

The second step in creating a salary agreement is to add a rule set. The rule set defines from what date the rules in the agreement should apply.

Click on + Create new rule set, set the start date and click on Save. There will always be a standard rule set. Newly added rule sets will always be added after the first set.


Hint! When a collective salary agreement is updated you do not need to update the current rule set but instead create a new one with new rules. The upside to this is that the old rule set will be used for time reports added to dates prior to the new collective salary agreement's start date. If you would change the rules in the current rule set they would be applicable to earlier time reports as well.

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