How do I work in Approve page?

Created on:
March 24, 2022

Colour coding

Each row in the list on Approve page has a color representing current status:

  • Red - time report is missing
  • Grey - time report is ready to be approved
  • Green - time report is approved

Sort the rows

  • Group - By default, you can choose to group the time reports by date, week, role, shift, user and customer. Click on "Choose field" to choose another parameter to group by.
  • Filter - The rows can be filtered by all of your registers. If you have a customer register you can for example filter out all rows for a specific customer. Filtering can also be made based on warnings and approval phases.
  • Display columns - You can choose the information you want to be shown in the Approve view. The options presented depend on the settings for your shifts and time reports.
  • If you want to save the settings for your filters and groupings you can do so by saving them in different tabs at the top of this page.


Manage warnings

The settings for warnings allow you to decide how flexible you want to be with deviations in the time reports and whether they are allowed to overlap or not.


The system will show a warning should the time be off by more than the set amount of minutes.

Each row with a deviation has a warning sign which, when clicked, opens a window with more detailed information about how that deviation affects payroll and invoicing.


View information, edit and approve

On rows that have both a shift and a time report you will find two pens. The one to the left is used for viewing and editing the shift, the one to the right is used for viewing and edit the time report.


The button "Report" helps you create time reports based on the scheduled hours on rows where these are missing. By clicking on the button "Approve" you approve the time report for payroll and invoicing.

You can create/approve time reports on multiple rows at the same time by selecting rows and clicking on "Report"/"Approve".

  • To select all of the rows at once you check a box at the top left corner under the button "Today".
  • To select all rows organised in a specific group check the box at the top left corner of the group header
  • To select different individual rows check the boxes on each of your selected rows

For rows with no deviations you can use the button "Approve everything without warnings" to quickly approve your employees' time reports.


Send external approval

In this page you can send time reports for approval to your customers. Select either one or multiple rows and click on "Send for external approval".


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