Bemannica: "Timezynk is flexible, mobile, and always adapts to our needs"

Bemannica is a staffing company specializing in supporting ICA stores in staffing and recruiting employees with ICA store experience. When Bemannica needed to find a new partner to facilitate their own planning and scheduling, the choice fell on Timezynk – and resulted in a collaboration that has helped them streamline their operations and grow.

June 15, 2022

Tailored expertise

When there is a need for more staff due to sick leave or during seasonal sales peaks such as Christmas shopping and around holidays – this is where Bemannica comes into the picture. By gathering consultants with previous store experience and expertise in everything from checkout, product picking, deli, convenience stores, to e-commerce, Bemannica ensures tailored expertise for all ICA stores.

– To cover all the gaps, we need to hire numerous new consultants every year. Therefore, we are in great need of a flexible system for planning, scheduling, and time reporting that supports and enables us to grow with more users without the costs taking off, says Christian Eriksson, company manager at Bemannica.

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial

Christian says that they often need to book staff for passports at short notice and reach out with the right information to very many employees. An efficient system was therefore crucial, and after scanning the market for various solutions, Bemannica discovered that Timezynk suited their company perfectly.

– Other suppliers had a more license-based approach where we constantly need to keep track of the number of active or inactive users. With Timezynk, we’ve never had to negotiate licenses, their solution is flexible, pay-as-you-go, and very flexible, and they always adapt to our needs.

Christian explains that Bemannica only pays for how much they are using the system, instead of the number of active users.

– When we have more staffing hours, our usage increases, which then goes hand in hand with the cost. We prefer it this way over paying a cost per user, as the number of users tends to vary.

Growing with and thanks to Timezynk

The collaboration with Timezynk dates back several years. About eight years ago, Bemannice started out as a pilot client for Timezynd, and since then, they have grown together, and in many ways also thanks to them, says Christian.

– Timezynk has made it possible for us to easily communicate within their system. It’s also very easy to learn, gives all our employees a fantastic overview of the planning. Thanks to their data-driven approach, we can gather an incredible amount of data efficiently. I have not seen these features with any other web-based systems.

Since Bemannica has employees distributed in different places around Sweden, they particularly appreciate that everyone can work in the same system, says Christian.

– We can all access the same information regardless of where we are, which has made sure that everything runs a lot smoother. Before Timezynk, scheduling and time reporting was much more time-consuming which has now been significantly reduced.

Smooth integrations that facilitate

Payroll and invoicing now also runs smoother, since Timezynk's system is able to integrate with their existing invoicing and payroll system, Christian continues.

– It has greatly streamlined invoice management for us. Our entire customer register has now been synchronized between Timezynk and Fortnox, which saves us time when it comes to invoicing and payroll management of all our consultants. We have also developed external certification via Timezynk, which means that our customers can certify easily via email.

When Bemannica has a question or something they need help with, Timezynk's support is always close at hand, he continues.

– The support is always available and willing to solve our problems. They have also helped us to constantly develop the system according to our needs. For example, when we wanted help building KPIs and measuring key figures such as the degree of availability and staffing of our consultants, they could help with this. We can therefore now analyze how well our consultants are doing and performing which is important information for us to be able to provide them with feedback, good and bad.

Another adaptation that Christian would like to highlight is the possibility to tailor Timezynk's system based on each specific store and its needs.

– Each store has its special needs and wishes, therefore we very much appreciate that we can enter specific instructions and information on each shift. This means that all consultants receive all the important information they need before their shift. We are fully satisfied with Timezynk and, therefore, see them as a long-term partner for us, Christian concludes.

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