Close colleagues across countries

Agis began working at Timezynk thinking that the software ecosystem he loved would be the best part of the job. But now he’s found something else as his favorite factor: the culture among colleagues.

June 22, 2022



Started for the software system, stayed for the culture

Agis is not afraid of changes. He was born and raised in Greece, has lived in different countries, and is currently living in Estonia. During the past year, he decided to make a change in his career and move across software ecosystems, meaning learn a new skill. However, the ecosystem he found interesting isn’t that common in the industry. So when he began working at Timezynk, one of the few employers offering the possibility to work with it, he thought that would be the best thing about his new job. But it has, by far, been outrun by something he wasn’t expecting at all: the culture.

Close relationships regardless distance

- Living in 2022, working relations and remote work can feel impersonal and dehumanized. But I think Timezynk is the opposite of these things. I feel supported in a human way, and the entire team supports each other in a way that goes beyond professional. Although we’ve never met in person, our relationship is meaningful and honest. I feel that Timezynk cares about us as persons and not only as co-workers.

He takes the developer team’s group call as one example when explaining what he means by the culture. Twice a week, they begin by having a round of sharing thoughts and feelings, preferably about non-work-related things. 

- In the beginning, it was a good ice breaker for getting to know my colleagues. Now six months into the job, I find it to be a pressure release and a great way to get to know a bit of each other. It’s a good warm-up and often supports professional parts of discussions as well.

“Exciting things are coming”

In his daily job, Agis works as a software developer. For example, he mainly does back-end work, moving customers' data into and out of the database. He finds it challenging to balance the customer’s expectations with Timezynk’s vision, and the future-proofing of the product with the support for existing features. Luckily, Agis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

- We have many customers who have been with us since the start, so it’s important that we listen to them and don’t progress too fast. Everyone needs to be on board. I only consider myself at the beginning of this journey, especially for a product that is this big and long-lived. From here on, it’s all about making forward decisions, he says and continues:

- This new paradigm of remote work is growing popular. Still, it can be hard to find an open-minded employer that puts the trust in the employee and maintains it across geopolitical borders. So I’m glad and grateful that Timezynk trusts me in leading the technology forward because I really enjoy my job and look forward to our progress together. The details are quite technical, but I can promise that exciting things are coming.

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