How Timezynk became a long-term collaborative partner to Nuvia

Nuvia delivers services for complex industries across Sweden. The company specializes in the energy and process industry and offers technical consulting services, mechanical maintenance services as well as work environment and radiation protection services. With Timezynk, Nuvia can spend less time on administration and paperwork and instead devote their time and efforts to secure quality and value to their customers. Thanks to their flexibility and technical skills, Timezynk is seen as a long-term partner.

December 8, 2021

An easy implementation

Before TimeZynk, scheduling was time-consuming and required a lot of administration, according to Madeleine Algotsson, staff planner at Nuvia.
– The main reason we chose TimeZynk is that it’s well-structured and at the same time flexible and adaptive. I’d say the number one benefit is the user-friendliness and how easy it is to implement and use.

Since the company relies on many employees who come and go, it’s crucial to have an easy and manageable system, she explains.
– A big challenge we’ve had before TimeZynk was that our schedule reporting was done on paper, and then sent to the payroll office. With invoicing, we had to manually type in the numbers and information. When handling tasks manually, there’s always the risk of making errors, especially since we were using the same documents in several steps and across different systems. Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about making those errors anymore.

Everything in one place

Nuvia has employees working both daytime and in shifts, and many of their employees work on fixed-term employment contracts, lasting from a week up to several months. In the past, most of the communication with their employees were either handled over the phone or via e-mail. Since none of the information was collected in one place, it was difficult to overlook.

– We made our best efforts to plan where our staff needed to be and when, but it was often very scattered, and we didn’t really have a structure for our scheduling. If our managers or supervisors wanted to retrieve information from the past, for example check when our staff had worked and where, we had to go through many steps. Now it’s easy to go back and find the information we need, since we have all the information gathered in one place.

Less administration, more quality

Thanks to Timezynk’s cloud based scheduling program and automatic documentation, Nuvia can spend less time on administration and paperwork in regards to payroll, time reporting and invoicing documentation, and instead devote their time and efforts to secure quality and value to their customers. Madeleine particularly enjoys the possibility of tailoring the system to fit the needs of the organization.

– This means we’re able to develop and adapt based on what our needs are at the moment, meaning we can facilitate and streamline our processes. For example, we now have a ready-to-use template for tasks we previously had to do manually. Timezynk also allows us to connect their system with another system that we’re using, which means that we are able to sync data between the two and make our organization more effective.

Reliable and quick to respond

Whenever Madeleine or her colleagues have a question, Timezynk is quick to reply.

– Since we’ve worked a lot on adapting the system to fit our organization, we’ve been in frequent contact with their customer service team and asked them what’s doable and what’s not. They always reply quickly and help us in the best way they can. If there’s something that can’t be done, they make sure to find us another solution or guide us in the right direction.

Madeleine sees Timezynk as a long-term collaborative partner, for many reasons.

– Implementing Timezynk has been a fun journey with many big changes. We enjoy working with them since we can hatch new ideas and solutions together. If there’s something in need of development, they will solve it, which means that we won’t need to change scheduling program partner. Therefore, and thanks to their flexibility and technical skills, we see them as a long-term partner.

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