How Timezynk helped Gordon Delivery grow their business thanks to efficient and adaptive workforce management

To support the vision of becoming the leading company within last mile logistics in the grocery business, Timezynk helped Gordon Delivery implement their platform for collaborative workforce management. Since then, the company has grown incredibly fast, and expanded to three new markets in the nordics.

February 2, 2022

Early implementation of Timezynk

The fast-growing last-mile delivery company Gordon Delivery began collaborating with Timezynk in an early stage of their journey. 

– Gordon was founded in 2015, and our collaboration began in the fall of 2017. Four years later, we can confidently say that their platform is suited for not only small companies and startups, but also for the current size of our company with hundreds of drivers, and operations in several countries, says Andreas Viklund, CTO at Gordon Delivery. 

When scanning the market for a suitable scheduling platform solution, Timezynk stood out as the best choice. 

–There are many competitors on the market, but Timezynk is undoubtedly best suited for our needs. They had a very capable system that fitted the size of our company when we first started out our collaboration as well as when we’ve grown bigger. When it came to the price and functionality, we found that Timezynk was the most price worthy platform on the market. 

Oftentimes, these kinds of systems require several weeks of implementation and training, but Timezynk was easy to get started with, Andreas adds.

No more manual scheduling

Before Timezynk, Gordon Delivery handled their scheduling manually, using excel files and by writing by hand on whiteboards. When they needed to book their drivers for work assignments they were contacted via e-mails and phone calls. 

– Not only was this very time-consuming, there was a greater risk of making errors and double bookings, says Murre Ali Hummadi, Operations Manager at Gordon Delivery.

In the last-mile industry, double bookings can have significant consequences, Murre explains. 

– If we happen to double book one of our vans, we won’t have the right staff at the right time in the right place, which means that our staff can’t finish their assignments. This puts us at risk both financially and regarding the quality towards the customer. 

Thanks to all the data and insights that Timezynk has provided Gordon Delivery with, they find it easier to follow all the laws and regulations, he further explains.

–  We feel confident that we can follow all the regulations when it comes to payments, time reporting and invoicing, including for our subcontractors, which makes everything run much more smoothly.  

Minimizes risk of errors

The Timezynk workforce management platform is fully integrated with their own API:s, meaning that making such errors is no longer a risk, Murre explains.

– With Timezynk we have a structure in place that offers us a better overview of our staff and planning. This means we can book cars in the system without the risk of them getting double booked. 

Timezynk is perfectly suited for start-ups and smaller companies with ambitions to grow. The system is always set up according to companies’ needs, and its structure can be customized and adapted along the way as the company grows and develops. Over time, as Gordon Delivery has scaled up their business, the Timezynk platform has therefore been customized to fit their needs.

– Since we have grown very fast, we’ve noticed that Timezynk has been very flexible. We have made small adjustments, and the system has been adapted to our needs. For example, when we expanded to Denmark, Norway and Finland, they were able to help us open up new accounts in these countries. It saved us an incredible amount of time, and has been very effective, Murre says. 

The Timezynk platform is based on collaboration and aims to involve and engage the drivers as much as possible. The user can fill in their own availability and reply to inquiries directly in the user-friendly app. If anyone wants to take a few days off, they will not receive any work inquiries during those days.

A long-term partnership

This is especially appreciated by Gordon Delivery, since it means that they can offer their drivers insight and make them feel more in control of their own schedules, Andreas explains.

– They have a good overview of their upcoming shifts, and they can also go back to see how they have worked historically. From what we’ve heard, the drivers have been very happy with these functions. 

Andreas points out that Gordon Delivery never had to switch scheduling platform, thanks to Timezynk’s adaptable and customizable approach.

– We’ve had quite special needs and have therefore worked quite closely with Timezynk. They have been very easy to collaborate with and have visited us in our office a few times. For example, we’ve had dialogue regarding new functions that we are requesting, and they have then made it happen. We therefore see Timezynk as a long-term partner and are very satisfied with our collaboration. 

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