How Timezynk helps Westers create memorable events and dining experiences

Westers is one of Stockholm's leading event companies, with its own high-class catering kitchen and its own premises for parties, conferences, and events. Their goal is to create fantastic, memorable events and dining experiences. But in order to do so, they need to keep track of a lot of staff. With Timezynk, planning, and scheduling their events have never been easier.

June 2, 2022

Staffing always needed - often on short notice

Westers is always in need of chefs who can cook world-class food, staff serving food and drinks, entrance hosts, cloakroom attendants, and bar staff – often at short notice. And not only that, the events require staff to move furniture and decorate the venues, technicians to set up lighting and technology as well as DJs and entertainers. Finally, Westers has project managers and supervisors to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

– We do many events around the country, from smaller with ten guests to up to 6000 attendees. At maximum, we’ve had about 28 events per day with the staff needed for each, says Emanuel Ademsson, Project Manager and Partner at Westers.

Smoother planning and less stress

In the past, three employees shared the responsibility to find staff for each event, Emanuel explains. This meant emailing and calling everyone in their staffing team, including keeping track of all their temporary staff and extras. 

To say the least, Westers were in dire need of a simple and effective solution. And six years ago, Westers partnered up with Timezynk. It was their former chief of staff who first mentioned Timezynk, after scanning the market for a better solution to make planning smoother. 

After testing it out, Westers quickly came to the conclusion that Timezynk suited them well, Emanuel says.

– Timezynk really came along and saved us. Before, scheduling was a huge stress factor in our staffing department, especially during the high season. Now everything runs much smoother. We simply create a project for each event, write a description of the job and invite our employees to apply to open shifts at their own pace.

Connects with their payroll system

Emanuel appreciates the fact that it feels more professional towards their staff to send out shift requests instead of having to call or email them. Their employees can easily keep track of their shifts via the calendar in the app. 

– Another perk was that we were able to connect Timezynk with our payroll system. Now, both systems communicate with each other and calculate the number of hours our employees have worked for the economic department, instead of them having to do it on their own, which also minimizes the risk of errors.

A long term partnership

Their staffing team today consists of about 40 permanent employees and 200 extras, and all of them are registered as users in Timezynk. According to Emanuel, Timezynk is perfectly suitable for the event industry, and Westers will continue their partnership for many years to come.

– Whenever we grow with new employees, we can simply add them as a user and it’s very easy for them to learn the system. Whenever we have something we need help with, their customer service team is amazing. Timezynk has saved us a lot of headaches, but also money and time and increased the quality for us as a business, Emanuel finishes.

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