How Timezynk streamlines scheduling for Fritiden Hotell & Kongress and Hotell Continental du Sud

When hotel Fritiden Hotell & Kongress opened its doors in June 2020, there was no hesitation in which scheduling system they would use. Their sister hotel, Hotel Continental du Sud, had successfully collaborated with Timezynk for many years with both staff and management pleased, making Timezynk the natural choice.

August 4, 2022


Självklarhet på båda hotellen

Tina Tengvert is the Financial Manager at the two hotels Hotel Fritiden and Hotel Continental, using Timezynk in her daily work when managing the two different hotel accounts. Some of her daily work includes tasks relating to invoicing, payroll, and scheduling. She was born and raised in the hotel and restaurant business, has worked with almost everything possible at a hotel, and knows how a good scheduling system should work. 

– Hotell Continental du Sud has used Timezynk since 2015, and everyone working there was very pleased. So it was a natural step for Fritiden Hotell & Kongress to use it as well; why change a winning concept? Many of our staff work at both the hotels, so it was important for us to have a smooth synergy with the scheduling and payroll systems between the two hotels.

Streamlining and simplifying

When operating in the hotel and restaurant business, there are numerous laws and requirements to consider. One of them is that all employees must be registered in a certain system so that tax and invoicing are done correctly. Managing two hotels’ planning, scheduling, and time reporting can be therefore complicated; luckily, Timezynk streamlines and simplifies the process. Tina explains:  

– No matter if an employee works with cleaning, cooking, or wellness at one or both of the hotels, they use Timezynk. Our staff mainly uses the scheduling service, which they all find very easy to use when managing their own working shifts and assigning interest for unbooked shifts outside their regular hours. Being able to see when and who has assigned interest makes it easy to manage the unbooked shifts, both for staff and management, Tina says.

For Tina, the smooth, data-driven integration with other systems is what she finds most valuable, saving her a lot of time:   

– I appreciate how I can synchronize Timezynk with my existing invoicing and payroll system. I can easily integrate everything I need from Timezynk with the invoicing system, and the other way around. This saves me much time as I don’t need to manually put in everyone’s hours since it’s all done automatically from Timezynk. And, of course, it helps with the statistics. Whether I want to keep statistics on hours, departments, or working shifts, it’s easy to find and manage in Timezynk.

Listening to the needs

Communicating in the right way with the staff is very important. One feature that Tina and her team at Fritiden want to use more is the messaging function. Today, it has the basic features of a messaging function, but Tina is currently collaborating with Timezynk’s developers to streamline it even further. She explains:

– All of our staff have the Timezynk app on their phone to keep track of their schedule, which is how we started to think about how good a messaging tool it is. As management, you want to know that the information is sent to a platform already used by the employees, instead of needing a different platform for that as well. I mentioned this during the workshop with the developers, and we’ve continued working on it since, Tina says. 

The workshop that Tina mentions was held by Timezynk in an attempt to further improve as a company, a system, and a service. Clients from different industries, with Tina representing the hotel and restaurant business, were gathered together with developers and other Timezynk employees. The purpose was to listen to what the clients had to say and improve thereafter, to keep up with the ever-changing customer needs and expectations. 

– Timezynk is adaptable towards improvements and genuinely cares about our needs and wishes during the workshop. They were curious about how each industry used Timezynk, and we all came up with various ideas for improvements, Tina says.

The people behind the systems

Even though Tina and the staff think Timezynk is user-friendly, things can sometimes go wrong. Luckily, the support team is there to help with their tailored expertise, ready to answer every question or inquiry.

– One of the best things about Timezynk is the support team. They're helpful and quick whenever I call them with a question or problem. And if they can’t help immediately, they always get back to me fast. I never have to wait long for an answer or sit in a phone queue for several hours, Tina says.

And even though the collaboration between Timezynk and the hotels mainly boils down to planning and scheduling systems, it’s always that personal touch Tina comes back to over and over again:

– Timezynk is very flexible and responsive towards us customers. When talking to them, you always feel like their most important customer. I look forward to when our discussions from the workshop are implemented so we can use Timezynk even more.

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