How we will grow and improve our customer experience thanks to Region Skåne

We are very happy to announce that we have been chosen as one of the recipients of the digitalisation check from the Skåne Region. We see this as an acknowledgement of the potential in our solution and the money will help us grow further and reach our goals.

March 23, 2022



Partially funded by the European Union

The business development checks for digitalisation are part-financed by the European Union and given to small and medium sized Swedish companies to help them create new values and reach their business goals with the use of digital technology. For example, developing a digital strategy, identifying new business models or streamlining digital processes and systems. The

One of the special requirements of the checks is that the project must be level-raising. This means that it must add new competence to the company, and apply to development in addition to the usual operations. The recipients must therefore have a long-term idea of how they wish to develop their business, and how digitalisation can contribute to this.

Our project plan and vision

In hopes of improving our customer experience as well as making our onboarding processes more effective with the help of digital tools, we sent in a project application. Since our system is tailored to the customer's needs, the onboarding process often requires a large effort from our support team. We want to be able to welcome more companies and their employees to start using our system, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to customize it on their own without feeling the need to depend on our support at all times. In the future, we will of course continue to offer the same amount of support for those who wish. 

The project application was granted, and the next step was participating in a video meeting with ALMI's business advisor. During the meeting, we got to describe our corporate culture, our driving forces and our long-term vision and goals. Later, we were invited to Region Skåne's dragon nest where Matilda Pirri, Marketing Manager, participated and presented their idea for the project. 

– We were very pleased to find out that our project plan and vision were in line with the requirements and purpose of the digitalisation check, Matilda Pirri says.

What this means for us

Receiving the digitalisation check will not only take us one step closer to our goal – to  improve our customer experience as well as making our onboarding processes more effective with the help of digital tools – it’s also an important acknowledgement, Matilda says.

– We see this as proof that the needs we meet with our platform are important. We really want everyone to have the opportunity to use our system, as we know how much companies and entrepreneurs can benefit from it. With many years of experience in personnel management and administrative work in the service industry, I know that there are several hours and sheets of paper to save every week with a system like Timezynk, Matilda says.

What this means for us

With the support of the digitalisation check, we will further strengthen our knowledge within customer experience and improve the customer journey. We will develop tools to make customers more independent and less dependent on us, giving potential and existing customers more ways to engage with us.

– Some of our customers want to contact the support and sales department before making a decision, while others want to get started on their own. In the future, we will be able to meet everyone’s needs and give them the appropriate tools based on their individual situation, Matilda says.

She continues:

– When we received the digitalisation check, we were also given the recommendation to make a similar application for supporting our international expansion, which we are planning to do. Our goal is that within 10-15 years, Timezynk will be the world’s biggest marketplace where scheduling companies exchange services and personnel.

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