Investor in Timezynk, Jan Andersson: “We’re ready to accelerate”

The perfect combination of a good product and an exciting market was what first interested Jan Andersson seven years ago when he decided to invest in Timezynk. And although the previous years have been thrilling, this year will be special, since something he’s been looking forward to for a long time is about to happen.

March 17, 2022

Extensive experience in business management

When Jan Andersson isn’t traveling in France or tinkering with his cars, he is an investor in Timezynk, and also a member of the board. His responsibilities vary from directing and approving financial operations to overseeing the business’s strategic actions. Something which might sound overwhelming to many, but for Jan is a no-brainer; he’s built a successful company, worked internationally with IT, and, during recent years, been a part of developing many businesses: 

- For me, my role is mainly about being supportive. I have a technical background, but my role is more to support management with my experience about commercialization, understanding the market and managing a company.

The first business idea was born at university

His journey began with a Master of Engineering in computer science at Linköping University, where he came up with an idea on automated scanning of hand-written forms which saves a lot of time and money in many industries. He started the company with his friend from school, not knowing what kind of success story it would turn out to be. Twenty years later when they sold it, it had grown to 18 countries with 800 employees.

- We had such an amazing journey which I’m very grateful for. It taught me how to manage a business properly, and provided me with knowledge I use for my investments and board member assignments. Today, I mainly deal with the IT sector. Some of the companies I work with are AddNode, MilDef Group, and DH Anticounterfeit. All of which are growing and developing both nationally and internationally, Jan says.

Being a part of the journey

One of the first companies Jan found interesting all those years ago and decided to invest in was Timezynk. The reason was, according to him, the perfect combination of an interesting product with a potential for a broad market:

- What interested me with Timezynk was the endless possibilities and huge market, national and international. Just imagine how many companies and people that will benefit from this type of system, despite industry or field; the list of potential users is endless. It’s taken some time to develop our systems to get them right where we want them to be, but this year, we’re ready to accelerate.

What Jan refers to is the international launch of the new strategy: a free, but limited, version aimed at small businesses and users, something that will connect Timezynk even closer to their customers. 

- We analyzed our customer base and saw that companies often grow once they’ve started using our product, which we, of course, want to encourage. So with this new product, we can enable small businesses’ growth even more, and be a part of their journeys from the very beginning.

How to create better possibilities

The future of Timezynk is bright, but it can all depend on this year’s international launch and the response from the market. And, of course, on how Timezynk will continue to show up for the customers, on their terms: 

- We have to create as much content as possible to make our customers feel confident in using our product. It’s not complicated, but everything requires some learning. And here is where we have to focus even more on creating better possibilities for our customers to be self-reliant. Jan says and continues: 

- But we have a good and scalable system, and I’m not worried about what’s coming. I know from experience that when you approach the market, in the right way, with the right product, the results are almost exclusively positive. And I believe that with the right strategy, many exciting things will happen for Timezynk in the near future.

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