Meet our board member and co-owner Lars Josefsson!

Timezynk is very pleased to have many experienced members on our board helping us grow and ensuring we have as many valuable perspectives as possible when making decisions. Our members come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, one of them is our board member and co-owner Lars Josefsson – who’s been with us from the very beginning of our journey.

July 7, 2022

Hello Lars, tell us a little about yourself!

– I have a background in engineering as well as experience within company management and board assignments for a few other companies. When I heard about Timezynk, and their vision 15 years ago, I immediately thought that it was a smart and innovative product that provides an easy and functional solution for time reporting. 

How would you describe Timezynk’s journey during the past years?

– They once started out as a smaller company with potential to become bigger and better, and have grown larger since then. But I think the company has a great potential to become even bigger and grow both nationally and internationally, introducing their solution to companies worldwide. The way I see it, we have only seen the beginning of Timezynk’s journey. It’s a great product, we only need to get the message out to the companies who are in need of it. 

What do you see as your biggest contribution to the board?

– A board is there to support the management, to have experience of similar situations and issues that a company faces. The board members we have today all have different backgrounds that can assist in any challenges that arise. We work well together to support and can be a sounding board for Johan, the CEO. I have international experience from companies like ABB and Sandvik, that both operate in global markets around the world, and I hope to be able to contribute with my experience when it comes to supporting Timezynk on their global expansion. For example, it’s important to understand that there are different requirements and working conditions throughout the world to take into account.

What do you especially like and appreciate about Timezynks product?

– From what I have seen and understood, our product is more user-friendly and easy to use than many other solutions on the market. We often receive positive feedback about how the software is very educational and self-instructing. In addition, we have a high degree of flexibility in our product, it works well with many different companies and types of users,    but primarily, our product is best fitted for small and medium-sized companies which I personally think is an interesting target group to work with.

What is your ambition for the company going forward?

– We are noticing that the companies who discover us and find us stay with us. This proves to me that the product, as well as the customer support team, live up to the client's expectations and wishes and that we can solve their needs. I absolutely think there are great opportunities to take this product further and become an even more successful company. Almost all our members on the board today, including myself, have stayed since the very beginning of Timezynks' journey, which shows that all of us believe in the idea and ambition.

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