Meet Timezynk’s new sales manager who prioritizes people over profit

With a passion for helping rather than selling, and a focus on customers rather than revenue, Justina Svedin will be a different sort of sales manager. Her background in customer service has laid the foundation for always prioritizing the customers’ wellbeing.

March 10, 2022

Relationships over revenue

Justina Svedin is not your everyday sales manager. Her true passion doesn’t lie with sales; it’s at the core of the business - the customers, and she won’t sell anything she knows won’t help. Her focus on guidance, support, and relationship-building, even at the very beginning of every customer journey, will be the continued goal in her new role as well.

- Some people can have certain preconceptions about the sales profession, like a constant focus on profit, but my role won’t be like that; I don’t want to sell something that our customers won’t benefit from. I value relationships over sales and think that is the recipe for a sustainable business, Justina says and continues: 

- Regardless of whether I’m selling our scheduling service to a potential customer or helping an existing customer with their onboarding, I do what’s best for them. The challenge in this role, however, will be to figure out ways to reach potential customers. When we already have their attention, it won’t be difficult to make them understand what a good product Timezynk is and that we’re experts at what we do.

How sales and customer support correlate

Prior to becoming a sales manager, Justina worked with customer service at Timezynk: first as a team member and then as the team leader. Sales and customer support can seem quite contrasting for many, but her role isn’t very different today, she says: 

- Customer contact has always been my focus. I’ve always felt proud after every workday, knowing that I’ve helped people. I have the same feeling today when talking to potential customers, but even stronger. Because now, I get to be a part of the decision-making, and after working here for two and a half years, I have a lot of ideas, she says.

Creating independence

One of the projects Justina will work on is digitizing Timezynk’s onboarding and creating better possibilities for customers to be more independent. The future will consist of a continuous assessment of who is in need of what, and where and when they need it. She explains:

- It’s important to give our customers the right tools for independence and make them more in control of their process. Every customer journey is unique, and we want to offer tailor-made solutions; some need a lot of support and guidance, while others prefer exploring by themselves. Digital onboarding won’t result in less contact between us and our customers, it will only be better. We’ll still be here for our customers, but now it’ll be on their terms.

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