Our new free tier workforce management – and why we’ve launched it for smaller companies

There are many reasons why we’ve chosen to launch our workforce software in a Free version to support growth within smaller companies. In this post, we’ll dive into those reasons and list all the benefits of implementing Timezynk in an early stage and grow your business with us. Hopefully, when you have reached the end of this article, you will have learned the main benefits of our system and will want to try it out yourself.

January 13, 2022

Free version for small businesses

As a part of our focus areas within Agenda 2030, our goal is to support growth in smaller companies. With our free tier, smaller companies will be able to use our platform for free. This means that our customers can get started on their own and use the basic features of our workforce management software without needing support. The system becomes integrated end-to-end with their business systems and there is direct developer API support to make sure everything is as tailored as possible to their business.

A lot of the workforce software on the market today within the lower price segment are difficult to grow with, as they have been adapted for small companies. Our system can be tailored to meet the needs of growing companies of all sizes. 

Many of our large customers today once started as small customers and have since then grown larger over time thanks to, among other things, the help of the structure and efficiency that great planning provides. By launching our platform to a wider audience, our goal is to reach out to small companies and encourage them to discover all the benefits of our platform and continue their growth journey alongside us. 

The harsh truth is, ineffective and time-consuming scheduling are a huge growth obstacle. Implementing a scheduling system right from the beginning lightens the administrative burden and allows growing companies to focus on their main goal – growing and developing their core business.

Efficiency is crucial

In many ways, being able to grow with new employees and scaling up your business efficiently while making sure you’re following all the laws and regulations is crucial, in fact, it’s a hygiene factor. Having online workforce management like ours in place means you’ll never have to worry about making scheduling errors. 

We have customers from many different industries, but most of them have one thing in common. If one of their colleagues can’t come to work for any reason that may be, they need to find their replacement right away. For example, we have customers within factories, nuclear power maintenance and the service industry, such as hotels and restaurants. 

Often, these companies have a mix of permanent employees, and a pool of temporary workers or students. Contacting them, keeping track of their information and their availability can be time-consuming. With our system, they are able to keep all their information in one place, and fill gaps quickly by sending out inquiries directly in the app to as many employees as they wish. Scheduling managers will never have to worry about not being able to cover up a shift.

Engage and involve employees

Our system is based on collaboration and aims to involve everyone as much as possible. Employees who work from time to time will also feel more involved, as they are more in control of their own schedule, fill in their availability and reply to inquiries themselves. If they are planning to take a few days off, they will not receive any work inquiries during those days.

From experience, we know that it’s vital to have a structure and an efficient scheduling system in place as early as possible. Many smaller companies benefit from having more structure from the beginning, as it saves not only valuable time but also money. Or as the old saying goes, time is money. 

To name one example, the last-mile delivery company Gordon Delivery, began collaborating with us in an early stage and have since then grown their business incredibly fast. To support their vision of becoming the leading company within last mile logistics in the grocery business, they have implemented our platform for collaborative scheduling. As the company has grown and expanded to new markets, we have customized and scaled up the platform to fit their needs.

Our goal – a marketplace for customers

In the slightly longer term, we aim to create a marketplace for time-based services, where our customers will be able to promote their services to customers and have a direct collaboration with suppliers. As a smaller company, you will benefit from our workforce management software, and at the same time market yourself to gain new customers. Stay tuned to find out more about this launch, and become one of the first to test out our new feature. 

Timezynk is perfectly suited for start-ups and smaller companies with ambitions to grow. The system will be set up according to your business, and grow as your business develops, and its structure can always be customized and adapted along the way. Discover all the benefits today by trying out the Free version and grow your business with us.

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