Time to plan for the upcoming holiday schedule  – four steps to get you started

It's time to start with the annual vacation planning. You are once again facing the challenge of ensuring that everyone gets what they want to the extent possible, while at the same time arranging enough staff to keep the business going. Not to mention all the holiday temps that need an introduction.

May 12, 2022

1. Don’t wait too long

Time has a tendency to rush by, especially as holidays are approaching. In order to function as an organization, you need to be able to plan ahead, in this case, it means asking your employees to start planning their holidays and sending requests on time. This will make it easier for everyone to coordinate with their families. Often, the earlier we start the better, some companies even begin planning holidays as early as February.

Every employee should be allowed to submit requests and feel involved. If possible, try to meet their demands by compromising. For example, if most people want time off in July, you can split the holiday period so that everyone can have either the first two or the last two weeks of July, to be as fair as possible.Of course, all needs can’t be met, and it’s important to remember that if the staff does not agree, the manager has the final say.

2. Plan your summer holidays with an online scheduling tool

Holidays often mean a lot of planning and finding new staff to cover scheduling gaps. Many municipalities and companies therefore advertise hundreds of summer jobs every year,

from the beginning of June to the end of August. Some companies use staffing companies to handle any issues that may arise when handling a lot of new staff. Another way of simplifying planning and scheduling when it comes to temp workers and summer holidays is using Timezynk’s scheduling tool. Although your company may not require a scheduling program in your regular business, it can be convenient for scheduling temps and summer workers. For example, you can easily add your entire substitute pool, but only pay for our scheduling solution when they are active.

3. Collaborate with staff and save time

When it comes to creating the holiday schedules, you can easily see which employees are available and fill shifts with the click of a button. With Timezynk, it is also easy to collaborate with the staff around the scheduling. The regular staff reports their availability, i.e. when they can or cannot work. Based on that, you can create a holiday schedule where you can easily get an overview of where there may be gaps. 

4. Keep it simple and easy

With our scheduling platform, it’s easy to send out booking requests to your employees and temps, all you need to do is fill in empty work shifts and sit back as the answers start to arrive. With the mobile app, staff always have up-to-date information and can respond quickly. It is not uncommon to have a fully staffed shift in just a few seconds. Since time reports are received digitally via the mobile app, it is easy for employees as well as managers to keep track of how many hours someone has worked. In addition, the system automatically calculates correct salaries based on the staff's submitted time reports. 


There are many aspects to consider when it comes to scheduling during the holiday season. The right scheduling tool can simplify the process, help you make sure all gaps are filled and save time. Trust us, this can save scheduling managers a lot of time and headaches during the busy holiday season.

Curious to learn more about how Timezynk can help your company plan and schedule the upcoming holiday season? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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