Why we have decided to go 100 % remote and how this benefits us

No more time spent on commuting, no need to change out of your cozy clothes in the morning if you don’t feel like it and no more feeling stuck in an office environment. What’s not to love about working from home? If you think this sounds like a dream come true, we have good news for you! Timezynk is now a fully remote company, and we have decided to stay that way.

April 7, 2022

Increased productivity and stronger teams

Call us progressive and forward-thinking, but we have always had around half of our staff working remotely and it’s always worked out well for us. During the pandemic, we had our whole team working from home. We quickly realized that it did not negatively affect the productivity nor the team spirit in any way, in fact it had quite the opposite effect. In the end, our office just became redundant and unnecessary.

So after discovering all the benefits of working from home, we took this concept to a whole new level. We moved out of our office and became 100 % remote. We would probably have ended up here anyway a few years down the road, but the pandemic definitely accelerated this process for us.

How we began setting up our remote workspace

It was very important for us to make sure that all our employees felt comfortable with this new working environment. We therefore talked to each of our employees individually to go through their individual needs and wishes for the workplace. For example, they might need an adjustable desk, an extra computer screen, a comfortable chair and a good headset. 

We wanted to make sure that we could find the best possible solutions for everyone, so we went ahead and bought all the equipment that our employees needed to make their home workspace comfortable and functional. 

To make sure we’re all staying in contact, we’ve set up a discord server where everyone can hang out and talk to each other. For example, we have a virtual meeting room as well as a coffee room that our colleagues can tune into whenever they need a coffee break and have a chat. We have also decided that Timezynk will pay for hotels if some of our colleagues for example want to meet-up and work together from somewhere within the EU.

The main benefits of going fully remote

What we’ve seen so far is that our fully remote work policy provides better work-life balance for our employees. When spending less time commuting, employees gain an enormous amount of time that can be spent on leisure activities or spending time with friends and family. Not to mention there’s also a greater flexibility around the working day and going on leave, vacation, etc. 

Employees are allowed to work from wherever they want (within the EU) and can choose whether they want to work from home or rent a co-working space. For example, some of our employees enjoy working from their summer cabins, going on workations or visiting friends and family living abroad. Instead of paying an office rent and all the other costs that come with having an office, we invest in retreats, offsite team-building activities, meetups and fun activities that build a sense of belonging and increase the team spirit.

We have already seen that, for example, one of our colleagues has chosen to shorten her maternity leave because she feels that she can combine parenthood with working life in a much better way, and she does not miss out on being with her child as much as if she had to work from the office.

No need to look elsewhere to find variation

In addition to working fully remote, we often offer our employees to switch roles within our company when they feel like they want new challenges. In the long term, we believe that our employees will stay longer within our company since we listen to their needs and let them choose what they want to work with and from where in the world they want to work. 

Instead of our employees turning their eyes elsewhere to look for new jobs when they feel like they need more variation in their roles or workplace, they can continue working for us, since we can provide that flexibility and variation.

What about the future?

So far, we’ve only received positive feedback from everyone. Our employees feel that they have more time to do the things that matters most to them. They have gained a new sense of freedom and appreciate the fact that when we have physical meetups as a team, they are more meaningful. Some of our employees even get to meet the team more often than before.

Since it works so well for us as a company and for our employees, we will continue to work without offices for the foreseeable future. If you think this sounds like the perfect match for you, don’t hesitate to apply for our open positions and become a part of the team! 

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