Pricing that fits your team!

Whether you’re starting small or going big – or even bigger – our pricing lets you choose the perfect fit for your organisation. 

Boost your company’s collaboration and simplify your scheduling today!


Free-forever for small organizations


per company/month


per user/month

βœ“ No credit card required

βœ“ Up to 5 users

βœ“ Collaborative scheduling

βœ“ Flexible registry structure

βœ“ Real-time live changes

βœ“ Answer RFQs from other companies

βœ“ Booking inquiries

βœ“ Time & attendance

βœ“ Availability

βœ“ Time clock & ledger

βœ“ Messaging

βœ“ Mobile app

βœ“ API Access

βœ“ Free support over chat, email & phone


Collaborative power for your organization


per company/month


per user/month

☚ Everything from Free

βœ“ Free for inactive users*

βœ“ Unlimited users

βœ“ Send RFQs to other companies

βœ“ Invoicing reports

βœ“ Customer agreements

βœ“ Payroll reports

βœ“ Salary agreements

βœ“ Work hours schedule


Collaboration integrated and tailored


per company/month


per user/month

☚ Everything from Premium

βœ“ Dedicated Timezynk contact person

βœ“ Developer API support

βœ“ Customised business reports (in Excel or PDF format)

βœ“ Customised user roles

*Free for inactive users

With our flexible pricing, you can add everyone in your pool of potential people, but will only pay for users who are actively being scheduled or reporting time

This also means that all your administrative users (who manage payroll and invoicing) are free!

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