How do I run my first payroll?

Created on:
September 12, 2022

There are a few things that are required to be able to run your first payroll using payroll documentation from Timezynk. The needs vary, of course, depending on the company and industry, but there are a couple of things that all our customers need in order for the payroll to run smoothly.

Approve time reports

Approved time reports is the very basis of the payroll function in Timezynk so make sure you approve your employees' worked hours and other ad-ons before you generate your first payroll document. You can read more about how you approve your employees' time reports here.

Add salary articles and create a salary agreement

Another important ingredient is a salary agreement, a collection of salary articles and rules. Only with this agreement in place the system can calculate whether, for example, your employee should get an hourly pay, overtime or kompensation for working unsocial hours. Read more about adding salary articles and creating salary agreements here.

Activate integration to your payroll system

In order to transfer the payroll file from Timezynk to the payroll system you use, you need to be able to download the file in the correct file format. We at Timezynk support will be happy to help you activate the right integration so do not hesitate to get in touch!

Below are a couple of examples of the payroll systems we can integrate with:

  • Fortnox
  • Visma Payroll
  • Hogia Payroll
  • AgDA Payroll
  • Flex Payroll
  • BL Payroll

Generate and download payroll file

Open page "Payroll" and choose an intervall. Then click on "Export" and choose the right file format. The file will automatically download to your computer and you will be able to download it again in page "Files".

In the payroll view you will get a warning if there are any unapproved time reports or if your employees are missing an employment ID so that this can be corrected before you download your file.

Tip! The first time you run payroll using payroll documentation from Timezynk, it may be a good idea to keep an extra eye on the result in the payroll system to make sure that it interpretes the data as it is supposed to.

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