Digital time reporting

Time reporting could not be easier! You report in the app directly from your mobile device or the web, all data is collected in the system and then automatically transferred to payroll documents that can be exported to various payroll systems such as Hogia and Fortnox and more.


No more late time reports

Employees can report time from anywhere, directly on their mobile phones. When time reporting is simple and done on the same day, nothing is forgotten and the data becomes correct.

Time tracking with
time stamp

Select the Stamp Clock module and let the staff stamp in and out using a pin code. The stamping is done directly in your cash register system, on a computer or tablet.

From time report to payroll with the click of a button

Approve all time-reported shifts with the push of a button. The system matches approved time reports with your collective agreement and creates a payroll ready for export.

Simplified scheduling for more
than 20,000 users worldwide

Workforce management made easy

Get started now! Try out the complete system for 14 days – for free!

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“Thanks to the fast tool, you get access to the approved attendance reports and can process them directly in the payroll system. Time reporting could not be easier!”

Digital time reporting in the app

Timezynk gives you the optimal tool for smooth time reporting in your business. With our smart app for time reporting, you enter the time directly in your mobile and always have access to the information. The best way to keep track of attendance, sick leave and what costs it entails.

Time reporting system for online time reporting

Is your company in need of flexible time reporting where employees can easily enter absence, attendance and hours worked? All companies have different preferences regarding their time reporting.

Our customers are cleaning companies, restaurants, care companies and road contractors, seasonal activities and more. You get real-time insight with the time reporting app and get a good overview in one and the same system.

Time report template

By creating a template for your most common time reports, you can make your reporting even smoother. When you do things manually, there are often mistakes and mistakes. If you do not have access to flexible time reporting, it is easy for things to be forgotten or for incorrect reporting to occur. Because our tool is integrated into the mobile, employees can stamp in and out and enter space and other information which then gives results directly and simplifies for the payroll administrator. Everyone is satisfied and happy and the information is always correct!

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